Shin Yeona
Gala FKCCI: L'Art du Voyage

L'Art Du Voyage

Travel In Style

We are delighted to present you our 24th edition of the most prestigious annual Gala under the theme “L’Art du Voyage (Travel in Style)”.

Let us invite you to our magical journey through the air. Embark on this fabulous journey with us and rediscover the fine pleasure of traveling.
Have you ever dreamed of snapping your fingers and disembarking in an idyllic place? Follow us and make your dream come true. It goes far beyond the sky and your imagination. You will discover and explore stunning and breathtaking sceneries, reproduced by D.P.J. & partners, Ltd.

Close your eyes and get lost in translation. Can you feel the excitement and the pleasure of experiencing new adventures ? Be curious, dare cross the borders and wander about. Can you hear the announcement? Now, it is time to board. Join us and embark into an unforgettable journey we have organized, just for you. Fasten your seatbelt and be ready for the take off.

Welcome aboard.
Bon Voyage!

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Yeona SHIN is a Korean pop singer who made her debut in music by winning the black prize at the Riverside Song Festival in 1995.
Then she worked as a lyricist, a vocalist and a back vocal on albums, radio, dramas and commercials. She recorded as a back vocal 80% of the production from 1996 to 2000.
In 2003, Yeona became the leader of the Korean female band Big Mama. Big Mama have been successful in Korea and in Japan, due to their vow to concentrate more on their music than their appearances. They sold over 1,000,000 albums. After 8 years together, the group disbanded in 2011.
She gave her first solo concert in June 25th and 26th 2011. She is currently preparing a solo concert in November, 2013 and a solo album.
Since 2009, she is a vocal teacher in HOWON University and since 2011, she is the Director of the music department of HOWON University.

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